Gotta Collect Them All!

Photo00009Photo00047S4020567Photo00022Photo00065Photo00066Photo00048Photo00021Here are some street art finds from Photo00012Cheshire and Nottinghamshire. Join The Street Team on FacebookPhoto00039


2 thoughts on “Gotta Collect Them All!

  1. wow some of them stickers are old, what a find 🙂 ! yeah it would be awesome to be listed on your blog! im loving what your doing. and if you interested in my work i also have my flickr account ( its got more of my work, i should be uploading some more stuff i did at a art night on thurs if your interested?
    cheers anyway!

  2. Cool flickr, like the sketchbook work and more the conceptual pieces on the beach.
    Ta! For joining the Street Team on Facebook, its a small group, but I like to think we are quality over quantity.

    Its good to find new (or old) stickers when I visit Twich, makes me keep my eyes peeled!
    Keep up the good work. xx

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