Sacred Places

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7 thoughts on “Sacred Places

  1. Really like the photos, the letter box with the number 7 has something cool about it, I think it’s the colours I like. Do you have a Flickr page? What camera are you using?

  2. Thank you! They were taken at my Nan’s house. They are little things full of memory. I always liked the custardy yellow door and the shape of the 7. Nice and retro. Hehe.

    I’m using a Fuji Finepix S7000. It’s not amazing, but I got it secondhand and its reliable. I haven’t got a Flickr, it makes me feel like a little fish in a big pool. So I’m keeping my pics here for now. I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but it makes me feel reassured in this ‘Inter-Safety-Net’.

  3. I love flickr, I’ve just uploaded over 11000 photos! It took ages though 😉 I keep nearly all 99%ish of them locked down so only me and my family can see them, they don’t get compressed like they do on facebook either. I’m gonna go through them all soon and make a few more available publicly on flickr, you don’t get the same rifraf on flickr as you do on the rest of the web and I only let people with a paid (pro) account comment. A couple of my pics are here

  4. Cool pics! Your kids are so cute. Lovely clear images, I like the ones on the waterfront with the boarded windows especially IMG_0661. What camera you using?

  5. Thanks, I have thousands of pictures of my kids! Far too many for my family to look at online so I need to group the together on flickr better one day. I’m using a Canon 500D which I have had for about a week! I’ve wanted a DSLR for years but have never been able to afford one before now. I like it because I can do full 1080p video too if I want to. I’m tempted to go back to college to do a small photography class just to get back into the swing of things, I didn’t really think about it until I saw I could get a rebate of £65 off my camera if I am on a course, the lessons are about £200 so I’m a bit tempted… I got the camera for really cheap too because I work at Currys on sat+sun and noticed they were matching Jessops sale price and then I got my discount on top of that! It was £660 when I first saw the model I wanted a month ago and Currys didn’t stock it. In the end I only paid £522 (before any rebate) so I’m really happy 😀

    My mum has a lower model of your camera and the quality of the camera has always been really good, yours is nice because of the focal distance you can set, you can get a really nice blurred background.

  6. A few years ago I had the fortune of having a bit of a go at wedding photography for a friend’s business. She had a 50D for me to use. I was very impressed! The clarity was amazing. I think she had a 1D. She knew someone in America who could get them at a good price. Really I should have invested in a Canon, but I got a HP laptop and a secondhand Fuji, thinking I would need something to put my pics on. Unfortunately, the laptop was not that reliable, it was before the launch of Vista, so its on Windows XP, but Vista ready. Just after my warranty ran out the power cable went mental and now you can’t charge it up, you have to keep it plugged in. I gave up on it, after countless reboots and blue screens and decided to use Dave’s Mac.

    Don’t know if this interests you…

  7. My friend has a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 which costs £2000+ and tons of expensive lens’ and equipment and I want to get into doing photography with him. My 500D is really good for me at the moment but I know I’m going to want a 5D very soon 😉 I’m going to build up a collection of lens’ first then go for a true professional camera.

    You can’t beat using a Mac! I sold my iMac a few months ago and I miss it now 😦 but I built my own PC and it’s much quicker and I have a larger 23″ screen, the main problem is windows “eerr” windows 7 isn’t that bad though and I’m going to put Mac OS X on here soon anyway. Debbie has a MacBook and I have an eMac for Nevaeh!

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