Turnip or Swede?

What do you do when you’re sick of a boring cream Ikea sofa? Paint it, of course.


4 thoughts on “Turnip or Swede?

  1. I really like it! I think I might do it one day when we get the same sofa from ikea – It’s probably the only piece of furniture we haven’t bought from there.

    1. Is this the ‘real’ you? hehe. I like your new site, and how you have all the links say t in t at the bottom. Your tumblr looks amazing. Is it better than flikr or just different? Your photos are so cool, capturing people in moments and looking deep without trying.

      The sofa is a work in progress, it is covered up with a throw now. I didn’t realise it was going to encourage my littlun to graffiti on all our furniture. D’oh!

  2. Yes it’s the real me 😉 I made myself a new site last week but I like tumblr so much I just link to that. tumblr is kind of like wordpress but much better for photos, if you upload more than one picture at a time it makes a slideshow of them which is really handy. I use flickr just to backup my photos now as my family live in Spain and they’re internet is s-l-o-w so they can only look at a few pics at a time.

    Our three-year-old has graffiti(d) our leather sofa with a ballpoint pen she got hold of too if that’s any consolation!

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