Whisk creates curious, compelling and considered artworks. Born in the North West of England in 1982, she attended Mid Cheshire College in 1999 and completed her Bachelors degree in Fine Art Painting at Loughborough University in 2004.

After working in the commercial printing industry and becoming a mother to two beautiful and spirited children, she made the decision to work independently; utilising a varying media skill-set; including illustration, installation, photography and handicrafts, to develop a distinct visual style.

Whisk82 was formed in 2009, an online store based in Nottinghamshire, designing striking patterns and motifs for affordable homewares, clothing and fine art. Her discipline is influenced by a keen interest in nature, social history, poetry and architecture.

Themes of memory and the human condition are often undertaken and explored, in relation to public and domestic spaces and the intriguing objects which share these realms with us.

Her interests include poetry, electronic music and drinking tea.


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