The Understudy

Powder coated nostrils,   mouth dry, palms wet. A knot, a twist in the stomach which lurches and suspends like a tightrope.  sick with anticipation.A queer giddyness. grinning with dread and delight. relish this moment let yourself go to it. Face the mirror,  Compose that expression Make anew the mask For him and her and them. Everything that leads up to this a blur.  Everything afterwards falls away to oblivion.  There is only now.  Rise and go out.

  Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 13.40.00



Share This Once Beautiful Word

That clings to your tongue like the barbs of a thistle. I told you how I felt the other day.


Planning an escape in oversized shoes

Small heads on broad shoulders, pinstripe legs and starched collars. Carpeted cubicles of grey and beige. Fingers stained; carbon blue. Glass marbles rolling back and forth in their sockets. A fug hangs heavy. Strangers sweat mixed with feet and instant coffee. No cotton fresh spray can mask the pervading sense of doom. Swilling in yellow and brown broth. A powdered sludge. The stifling air, the daily grudge. Someone open a hatch, raise a ceiling tile, lift the lid of this polystyrene cup.


The Caravan

The world inverted. A paper sleeping bag In a slow cooking pot

Outside kernals perforate the Metal skin roof

Plop pop plop pop Pop corn; like the Two ragdolls and so many acorns

Rythmic water torture.



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