Notts Castle Street Art

Flowerbed by Jon Burgerman at the Nottingham Castle Street Art Exhibition

The Iron Man and the Iron Lady

It’s election day. How strange, I’ve somehow been reminded of a book from childhood, read to my class with much enthusiasm in the Eighties. In my mind The Iron Man was my dad, or those fellas off Boys from the Blackstuff. The farmers played themselves and The Space Dragon was Margaret Thatcher. I had confused a few metaphors and ideologies, in my little Red mind. Ted Hughes was in fact describing environmentalism. As it happens, I’m glad I was wrong, I wouldn’t have enjoyed her ladyship, ‘space-bat-angel-dragon’, singing from the heavens for all eternity.

Cold callers

b8stardA good site I found to help distinguish legitimate missed calls, etc is Just enter the number to find out who it is and what they’ve been upto.

On a lighter note, do you like the notepad? Hehe, a bit of comedy to brighten up a hard day at work, when it’s the public calling you and making a nuisance. If you ever work in customer service, you will realise nothing pleases certain groups (usually middle-age women) than ringing up a number and blaming everything on the first person who answers. If you happen to be young, they will assume you are a student or on work experience and ask to speak to a manager. Who will then repeat everything you have just said.