Neon & Swan


The Vile Electrodes, aka Anais Neon and Martin Swan are fine purveyors of lovely Synthpop. I am a big fan, and after lots of doodle-worship, they have been so good as allow me to make some fan art prints available.

You may just about recall their appearance in my zine RCVR back in August 2011, and I was sure then they were destined for great things. With their recent exciting and life changing(?) exploits; supporting John Foxx and the Maths, touring with OMD in Germany, and their wonderfully dark  ‘B-Side the C-Side’ remix. Ooh! Not to mention their debut album due very soon…  I thought it was about time they appeared in artform on a wall near you!

After initial watercolour sketches (see below), and some digital jiggery-pokery; Neon and Swan are now  looking dashing in some 18″ x 14″ frames (above).  There we go lovely people! If you like your art and music to be unique, electronic and Vile; you need the Neon & Swan Print Set. Each set contains two A4 art board prints; one of Neon in illuminated winged helmet and the other of Swan as a rabbit/vicar, fine stage attire you will agree.

Available now in the whisk82 shop, just £15. Limited to a small run of 25 pairs so get them quickly before they run out!



Many Hands/Light Work

Here’s my latest collaboration with my (nearly) 2 year old daughter Maggs, who loves drawing, and she’s probably better at it than me. She hasn’t got any pretensions yet, so anything goes. I had to encourage her to scribble on the card rather than the table, but I am a bad influence when it comes to doodling on furniture (see Ikea Sofa). We created it under the influence of tea and some Berlin Electronic music from ‘To Rococo Rot‘. Hahar.

‘Tornado body and a hand grenade head’

selfportraitwithtache I was listening to The Hedwig Soundtrack last night, which put me in a cross dressing mood. I stopped at the Dali moustache. Had I taken the gender ambiguity to the extreme, I would have liked to have created something like this photo by Helmut Newton. Photograph by Helmut Newton for Paris Vogue, 1975
On a surrealist note, I started to imagine doodles of mixed up body parts like this Exquisite Corpse [ by bradock, jagi and ghostpatrol]exquisitecorpse_ghostpatrol

The Beekeeper

thebeekeeperHere’s a pic i did, years ago at college, when I was reading a book about Sylvia Plath. (Don’t roll your eyes!)…Well anyhue, I thought about it cos I was watching a tv programme about Honey Bee colony collapse disorder. I know thats a tenuous link, but that’s how my mind works. I’m sure Sylvia’s not responsible.

On the hunt for more information about the environmental effects of CCD, I found this entertaining and insightful video: