Letters That Never Get Sent

Here are some of my old pictures, from 2001. My reason for posting them is because today is an old friends’ birthday and I have nowhere to send a card or a letter. Really it’s a remembrance.
To Katy. Who would have been 27 today.
It’s all the things I never said, and all the times I missed out on when we were apart. I’m never sure what to do on this day and I’d like to make something to express how her friendship shaped my teenage years and how much I miss her smile. But I really find it hard to sum her up in one artwork, she was beyond definition; you never knew what to expect. When I think of her, I always see her running. She’s like a blonde blur. It’s not something I could paint, or necessarily photograph. So I hope this all doesn’t sound trite. It’s a message that never got sent, so I’m sending it now.